Loveable Light, a Whisper of Thoughts and the Jessie Golden Series by Annelies George

Title: A Whisper of Thoughts: about Love, Life and Self-Awareness
Author: Annelies George
Publisher: BI Publishing
On Tour: November 11 - January 31

Annelies George is the author of the Jessie Golden Earth Series. In this fiction saga she aims to pass a strong message among other topics about the current situation in the world and the connection with the increasing climate changes. When writing the second book in the series, Darkness and Light, she started to reflect on something that she wrote. This led to the Loveable Light initiative. On her Facebook Page she started to post videos and thoughts about things that matter to her ( On a July Sunday morning she got the idea to bundle those in a small booklet and to add other thoughts that she has not yet posted illustrated with pictures that are partly a result of the photo shoots she does on a regular basis to support her activities with Vincent Kos, a Dutch photographer. The remainder is a random collection of pictures she made herself.
She believes that our personality is the result of our education, our free will and our own choices, as well as the love we discover in our own heart.  Therefore, she dedicated this booklet to her parents, who always loved and supported her, even if her lifestyle wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.


Loveable Light, a Whisper of Thoughts and the Jessie Golden Series.

Recently ‘a Whisper of Thoughts’ was published, a small booklet with quotes written by Annelies George, author of the Jessie Golden Earth fiction series and initiator of Loveable Light. There is a close connection between this peaceful initiative and her fiction and non-fiction books. Loveable Light was originated when she wrote part two in the fiction series and ‘a Whisper of Thoughts’ is a logical result of Loveable Light! 
George aims to create more awareness about the increasing negative influx of energy around the globe. Combined with self-made videos she posts on her Facebook Page ( George would like to encourage people to help the Earth experience more energy of positivity, light and love. 
‘a Whisper of Thoughts’ contains quotes about love, life and self-awareness and are based on thoughts she posts from time to time to support the Loveable Light initiative. She hopes that her thoughts will lead to some self-reflection and more positivity in this world. 
George believes in the working of the theory of Quantum Physics. This interesting scientifically proven concept indicates that by influencing others a snowball reaction - in this case a flow of positive energy – can be created.
“Love is the recognition of the light shining through the eyes of life, always seeking to embrace another person in the tenderness of its purity,” is one of her favorite quotes. 

More information about this author:

Annelies George was born on 4 August, 1964 in Bussum, After the gymnasium, she followed a one-year course as an international secretary in Amsterdam. Immediately afterward she started to work for a law firm, studying finance, management and law during the evening hours with the goal of becoming a lawyer herself. A move to a different town brought her into the fast IT world, where she was employed by GE Capital, marking the start of a successful career in the international IT Finance world. Due to the intensity of the job and long working hours, she abandoned her plans for a law degree. At the age of 30, she was appointed to Benelux managing director of a US based lease company, a rare phenomenon at the time, since few women were holding similar positions in the specific branch in the Netherlands. Thereafter she accepted a variety of EMEA and regional management and sales roles with Cisco, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard. Annelies still lives in Bussum and is taking care of her 83-year-old mother. She loves, among other activities, to paint and design necklaces when she is not writing. On occasion she likes to travel to discover new places and understand the different ways of living around the globe.

You can visit her at: 

Book Feature: Infertility Caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon) by Dr. Mira Bajirova

Book shares insights on ‘Infertility Caused by Decreased
Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon)’
Dr. Mira Bajirova’s debut publication joins virtual blog tour
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – “Infertility Caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon)”
(published by Partridge Singapore) by Dr. Mira Bajirova explores the two main causes of infertility.

Bajirova, an associate professor, obstetrician-gynecologist and in vitro fertilization consultant from Paris,
explores what decreased oxygen utilization means to those suffering from infertility. When the
environment or body has too many positive ions, the result is decreased oxygen utilization. Positive
ions are produced by the manmade atmosphere, and they increase the acidity and inflammation in the
body. These positive ions can affect the body in numerous ways, including decreased fertility. In the book,
the author points out that what people must do is to expose themselves to the negative ions.

Moreover, Bajirova also highlights how “Evil Jinn” — through Jinn possession, black magic and evil eye
— can lead to disastrous consequences, including the infertility. In Quran, Jinn are described as beings
created by God before mankind from the smokeless fire, with free will, living in a world parallel to that
of mankind, and are invisible to human eyes in their normal state. They have the professions, different
religions, the court, they reproduce and they are the subject to Allah’s commands and prohibitions. In
the book, the author stresses that protection from the “Evil Jinn” is within the noble Quran and hadith

Filled with insights from the Quran and medicine, this book is an informative guide for anyone seeking
to improve their health and expand their family.

To find out more details about the blog tour, interested parties can visit Dr. Mira Bajirova’s official tour
page at Dog Eared Publicity

“Infertility Caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon)”
By Dr. Mira Bajirova
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543749076
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543749069
E-Book | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543749083
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Dr. Mira Bajirova is an associate professor, obstetrician-gynecologist, and in vitro fertilization consultant
from Paris. She worked with Professor Rene Frydman, who carried out the second in vitro fertilization in
the world. She has earned numerous university diplomas and certificates, and has widely been published.
She received the Women Achievers Award 2018 in the World Pharma Summit.

Book Blast: The Weapons of Light by Lairyck Beliveau - Win a $25 Gift Card


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Title: The Weapons of Light
Author: Lairyck Beliveau
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The Weapons of Light is a composition of sixteen interlocking poetic essays, five poems, and three short stories. The purpose of this book is to shed light on the condition and state of the fighting spirit within us all. This book is also a unique inspirational guide that combines poetry, spirituality, and fantasy to maintain the reader’s interest in an atmosphere of both fidelity and mysticism. The book is kept short with the rigors of daily labor in mind for those who like to read but are now unable to find time. The prerogative of any poet is to capture the times as best as they can: the feeling, the atmosphere, and the surge of human emotion. The author, Lairyck Beliveau, utilizes a method of combining poetic license and academic article writing to bring you a very deep and entertaining perspective of life and its emotional struggles

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Book Blast: The Apocalypse Revisited by Dr. Reginald O. Crosley - Win a $25 Gift Card

Title: The Apocalypse Revisited
Author: Dr. Reginald O. Crosley
Publisher: XLibris
Genre: Poetry
Format: Ebook

After two thousand years of history in which we have faithfully expected the Second Coming of Christ, we have met with recurrent disappointments. Why is that? At the beginning of the end of the ages that is the first century of the Christian era, the apostles and the early Christians were living with the expectation of an imminent return of Christ. Jesus himself was expecting a quick return, but the Father had a different planning. At the end of the first century, the Father revealed to John the content of a scroll with Seven Seals. That scroll outlined the main events that will occur in every century of the Christian era. A thorough review of the manifestations of the Seven Seals in every century is exposed in my book. We also call attention to God’s judgments upon the whole creation in the visible and the invisible worlds. The Apocalypse Revisited introduces us to two realms of reality . It is written to make the symbols , the visions, the personalities and the time-table of historic events accessible to the readers. We should no longer establish dates for events that are kept secret by the Creator . Also some events described in the Apocalypse are already occurring in history. The very end of the cosmos and the earth is not around the corner. It is in the future probably after a thousand year following Armageddon.




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