Book Blast: Design Process by Mauro Moro

Title: Design Process
Author: Maura Moro
Publisher: PartridgeSingapore
Genre: Reference/General
Format: Ebook
My design process is not only a handbook full of useful tools and kits. It is also an act of love to design. It is a prayer for design to get back to its glory days when it made sense. It is an appeal to the younger designers! Don’t surrender to the status quo who wants you just as worker ants! Don’t lose your inner voice and your passion for design! Don’t get comfortable in the prevailing conformism! Ask! Seek! Find! Discover new ways, never settle against the pre-cooked solutions, predictable patterns and pre-set goals! Go beyond! Make the impossible!

Book Blast: Thunder in the Wind by Curt Orloff

Inside the Book:

Title: Thunder in the Wind
Author: Curt Orloff
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Genre: Fiction/Westerns
Format: Ebook

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Thunder in the Wind is a historical novel concerning the assimilation reservation American Indians underwent at the turn of the twentieth century. The first part of the work describes how the Assiniboine, and one family in particular, deal with the onslaught of a society that not only was technologically superior, but also thought itself so morally superior it treats the tribe as if it was a hopeless dependent. The second part follows the exploits of the main character as he tries to unite the Plains, Great Basin, and Southwestern tribes in revolt, not to defeat the whites, but to scare them so badly they would restore to the Indians the selfhood they had stolen. Miskaw deals with the same trials Tecumseh experienced early in the previous century while uniting the tribes east of the Mississippi and, in dealing with them learns several truths about himself and the human condition. If not for hubris, the outcome of his endeavor may have been dramatically different.

I'm a Yankee who became a damn Yankee when I wouldn't leave the South. When I did leave it, was for overseas where I comfortably acquired the moniker of "yank". I have two bachelor degrees. The one in geology I use to support myself, the one in history just showed I am curious about human nature. This curiosity culminated in Thunder in the Wind after I found out about a Cree named Almighty Voice while I was engaged in geologic fieldwork in Montana. His revolt almost united the tribes. I was an Army 1st Lieutenant, lived for golf as a youth and got to play on the University of Houston golf team, and was an Eagle Boy Scout. I've been writing books for over two decades, getting only to the agent level. At present, one agent is peddling a novel I wrote about the oilfield. I was a well-site geologist for fourteen years and a petroleum engineer, mostly overseas, for seven years.

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Interview with Jonathan James, author of The Day GOD Wore a Hard Hat


Inside the Book:

Title: The Day GOD Wore a Hard Hat
Author: Jonathan James
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Fiction
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Paul Reynolds is a nineteen-year-old college student when he meets what he believes is the perfect woman. But as one night of passion transforms into just friendship, her sister, Lisa, eventually becomes his first love.

After Paul and Lisa marry and begin building a life together, all their grand plans are destroyed when she unexpectedly dies. Left grieving and fearing he will lose everything, Paul is saved from financial ruin when he agrees to provide shelter to Rommel, a Latino gang member set to testify in a future murder trial. Paul, who initially thinks Rommel is a useless hoodlum, soon discovers that opposites attract. But as quickly as Paul and Rommel fall in love, their relationship ultimately disintegrates, leaving Paul to seek normalcy within a passionless marriage. As Paul pursues lust elsewhere, his wife becomes pregnant, causing Paul to realize she has given him what he has always wanted: a family. But as tragedy strikes once again, Paul is left with an agonizing decision with the potential to alter the course of his life forever.

In this contemporary romance, a man desperately searching for love is led on a unique journey where life comes full circle and leads him to discover the importance of always following his heart.

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The Interview:

Could you tell us a little about the book?

 My book is not intended to be a book about a straight man or a gay man but simply an ordinary man.  Paul Reynolds is a man who loves to be in love.  He tends to fall in love with whomever he is with at the time.  I truly feel there is no such thing as straight or gay, I feel we are all driven, weather we want to admit it or not, by sex.  We are taught at a very young age that a man must love a woman only, heck it even tells us this in the Bible so it must be true.  I strongly feel that having sex and making love are totally two different emotions.  If you choose, as I do, to believe in soul mates then you are a lucky person.  I also feel we are all destine to meet our soul mates as long as we keep an open mind as well as an open heart.  I know for a fact this is true because I met my soul mate when I was least expecting it 40 years ago.

Who or what is the inspiration behind the book?

My inspiration, if you will, for writing this book was to tell a simple story of love that will not offend anyone.  It simply is a love story about a man who goes through life searching for that one true love.  He only finds this love when he feels all is lost and life has no longer any meaning for him.  In a way, it may be a little sappy, but does have a happy ending and isn't that what we all want?

What cause are you most passionate about and why?

My heart goes out to children and even adults who are still afraid to be who they really are.  Life is so very short to feel you have to live a lie.  If my book makes one person understand that we are beautiful the way we were created then I consider it a success.

Do you have any rituals you follow when you finish a piece of work?

When I finish writing for the day I always allow time to site back with a glass of wine and read what I wrote that day.  May times I change things but more often than not I don't.

Who has influenced you throughout your career?

My number one fan is my partner of 40 years who has motivated me daily with four words, "Write your damn book".

What are some of your long term goals?

I have started my second book and I am so excited because the words seem to fly onto the pages.  I think after you finish your first work the second will come so much easier.

Meet the Author:
Jonathan James is an average young man who has experienced more than his share of both love and tragedy. His debut novel is loosely based on his own life, loves, and losses. Jonathan lives in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Interview with Curtis Orloff, author of Streetcar Sandwiches

Title: Streetcar Sandwiches
Author: Curtis Orloff
Publisher: Authorhouse
Genre: Performing Arts/Screenplay
Format: Ebook/Paperback/Hardcover

Streetcar Sandwiches is a screenplay showing the efforts the owner of a sandwich shop in Uptown New Orleans undertakes to keep her business running. Not only does she have to deal with a menagerie of all types of employees, she has to comply with onerous and often conflicting regulations from several government bureaus. How she handles what turns into an ordeal threatens to change her naturally optimistic and pleasant personality. It leads directly to an outcome that could only have occurred in the Big Easy.



How did you come up with the title for your book?
It was easy to come up with the title of the work.  It is the name of the sandwich shop I owned, right across from Saint Charles trolley track, on South Carrollton street in Uptown, New Orleans.  

What is your writing environment like?
I can, and have, written anywhere but a desk.  I sit at desks only when typing final manuscripts.  Most of this work was written in a local coffee shop not far from my business.  I like the commotion and actually enjoy being interrupted by friends, for awhile anyway.  Creativity is very hard for me. It comes in fits and starts.

What are some of the best tools available to authors today?
The best tools for writers?  A blank sheet of paper and a fine point pen.  Ideas originate and are filtered in your head.  They don’t flow. I have no muse, as can be seen by all my scratch outs and insertions.

What inspires you to write?
Decades ago I found a book by H L Mencken in my parent’s basement.  It changed my life. Just like that I fell in love with the language.  He made it fun following his complex ideas. I can only compare the incident to the first time I heard Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.  Both astonished me that people could create something so thrilling. I always believed in passion. Nothing of consequence has been produced without it.    Today I still love Mozart and have a bin stuffed with manuscripts over a thousand rejections hadn’t deterred me from adding to. I have sent out for publication 69 works, short stories, plays, poems, 8 big thick books, over 30 Op-Eds I tried to get syndicated.  and this screenplay, which three publishers printed as a book . Two of the publishers had gone out of business. The format doesn’t bother me. It is all about content. The ideas presented and the story would be the same however it is presented.     

Did you learn anything while writing this book?
Every work I attempt teaches me lessons.  All are adventures, making me think about things I never thought before and finding common threads.  I feel compassionately about my characters. Afterall, since I create them, I need to represent them as best as I can.  I ensure each character is unique, and if not intriguing, is at least interesting. And, as always, I want the reader to have fun.    

What is your favorite quality about yourself?
My favorite quality? I embrace everyone.  Sure. There are bad people. I am not naïve.  But I think the vast majority just conform to their environment.  My business ran great because all my employees learned to take pride in making it great, and grew to think their coworkers were family.  I like being a coach, help people prosper.