Book Feature: Infertility Caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon) by Dr. Mira Bajirova

Book shares insights on ‘Infertility Caused by Decreased
Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon)’
Dr. Mira Bajirova’s debut publication joins virtual blog tour
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – “Infertility Caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon)”
(published by Partridge Singapore) by Dr. Mira Bajirova explores the two main causes of infertility.

Bajirova, an associate professor, obstetrician-gynecologist and in vitro fertilization consultant from Paris,
explores what decreased oxygen utilization means to those suffering from infertility. When the
environment or body has too many positive ions, the result is decreased oxygen utilization. Positive
ions are produced by the manmade atmosphere, and they increase the acidity and inflammation in the
body. These positive ions can affect the body in numerous ways, including decreased fertility. In the book,
the author points out that what people must do is to expose themselves to the negative ions.

Moreover, Bajirova also highlights how “Evil Jinn” — through Jinn possession, black magic and evil eye
— can lead to disastrous consequences, including the infertility. In Quran, Jinn are described as beings
created by God before mankind from the smokeless fire, with free will, living in a world parallel to that
of mankind, and are invisible to human eyes in their normal state. They have the professions, different
religions, the court, they reproduce and they are the subject to Allah’s commands and prohibitions. In
the book, the author stresses that protection from the “Evil Jinn” is within the noble Quran and hadith

Filled with insights from the Quran and medicine, this book is an informative guide for anyone seeking
to improve their health and expand their family.

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“Infertility Caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Jinn (Demon)”
By Dr. Mira Bajirova
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543749076
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543749069
E-Book | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543749083
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Dr. Mira Bajirova is an associate professor, obstetrician-gynecologist, and in vitro fertilization consultant
from Paris. She worked with Professor Rene Frydman, who carried out the second in vitro fertilization in
the world. She has earned numerous university diplomas and certificates, and has widely been published.
She received the Women Achievers Award 2018 in the World Pharma Summit.