Book Feature: Helping Hands by Ken Saik

Title: Helping Hands
Author: Ken Saik
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Format: Ebook

Jill Kreshky is recently divorced. She is doing her best to reclaim her life. After an accident causes her to spend six weeks alone in a hospital, she is haunted by the awareness that she must find a way to once again become part of her children’s lives. Unfortunately, Jill doesn’t have a car, her job is temporarily on hold, her bank account is empty. There is no question that Jill needs encouragement from someone she can trust. After she learns that a church friend, Bill Wynchuk, has been more loyal to her than she ever realized, Jill decides to invite him for supper. As he relies on his faith and skills as a psychologist to lovingly lead Jill to appreciate her inner strength and need for the Lord, she gains insights that propel her down a path of reconciliation that helps her mend relations with her son and return to Ontario to face her greatest fears about her family and unveil a deeply buried secret. In this inspirational story, a woman attempting to reclaim her life is led on an emotional journey, with help from a devoted friend, that ultimately reveals the truth and prompts her to seek forgiveness.


Ken Saik is a committed Christian who retired after thirty-one years of teaching social studies to pursue writing fiction and poetry. To date, he has published three novellas and a novel, Baggage Burdens. Saik currently resides in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Ken Saik is a committed Christian who retired after thirty-one years of teaching social studies to pursue writing fiction and poetry. To date, he has published three novellas and a novel, Baggage Burdens. Saik currently resides in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Interview with The Lady with the Purple Hat by Otilia Greco

Title: The Lady With the Purple Hat
Author: Otilia Greco
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: General Fiction
Format: Ebook

Ten years ago, Daisy left her husband, Bernard, to create a new life for herself. But now as their divorce proceedings continue to drag on and Bernard battles terminal cancer, Daisy determines she would rather be his widow than his ex-wife and decides to play with fate.

After she dons an outlandish large purple hat to disguise her face, Daisy glides through the hospital corridors, hell-bent on poisoning her husband to accelerate his death. When she finally arrives at his door and opens it, she is shocked to see a woman sitting by his bedside. With her plan foiled, Daisy rushes out of the room as she transforms from the hunter into the hunted. Still obsessed with ending Bernard’s life, Daisy retreats into her memories, unaware that a surprise is waiting in the shadows. Now only time will tell if fate will intervene to save Daisy or if she will lose her soul to the dark side, where it can never be retrieved.

In this contemporary thriller, a woman intent on ending her husband’s life is propelled on a journey through her memories that leads her to an unexpected truth.


Question 1 – Could you please tell us a little about your book?
Innocent young Daisy grows up in a normal environment. She gets a job as a nanny to look after small children and travels with a super rich family to an extravagant resort. Daisy’s attitude turns to become a rich lady one day. She develops into a demanding, greedy, and almost evil woman. A shock brings her to change her dark life side towards the light and fate with an unexpected truth.
Question 2 – Who or what is the inspiration behind this book?
The story was inspired by a rich lady who visited my parents when I was a child. We lived near a fancy resort, a destination for many rich and extravagant people – some with attitudes of bragging and spending money for an excessive lifestyle which often ended with failing. This has deeply impressed my thinking in concentrating on the true values of life. Daisy, the protagonist of this Novel, was badly influenced by this extravagant life.
Question 3 – What cause are you most passionate about and why?
Coincidences are one of my most fascinating passions, how they came about, to see, realize, or/and accept them.
Question 4 – Do you have any rituals you follow when you finish a piece of work?
Not really. All comes from own experiences, adventures, travels or events that impressed me deeply. Most themes are in my mind since a long time, weeks or months until I start to scrabble down notes … suddenly all thoughts and bits explode and for hours and hours “it writes”. When I read and edit it later I often wonder how all came about!
Question 5 – Who has influenced you throughout your writing career?
As young girl I read a lot and was writing fairy tales. My family entourage was very inspiring however time was rare between studies, ice skating, later with the job as a travel guide in Greece, then marriage, being mother of two daughters and living with my family for several years in California. Back in Switzerland my husband started his own company and we worked together and travelled a lot for international projects. When he sold his company our daughters, my husband and my mentor told me to pick up my writing.
Question 6 – What are some of your long term goals?
Studying the human conditions, their characters and find the true meaning of living and not forget the optimism to survive. This goal I would like to pass on to other people.

Otilia Greco was born in the Swiss Alps; was educated in Switzerland, England, and Paris; and is fluent in six languages. She graduated from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and developed an appreciation for history and cultures.

Otilia and her husband worked internationally, lived for several years in California, and now reside in Switzerland. This is her third book.

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Book Blast: The Employee Millionaire by H.J. Chammas

Title: The Employee Millionaire
Author: H.J. Chammas
Publisher: PartridgeSingapore
Genre: Business/Economics
Format: Ebook

When the financial crisis erupted in 2008, thousands of people lost jobs they thought theyd always have to sustain their standard of living. For H. J. Chammas, it was a wakeup call to escape struggling to make ends meet. It was time to take charge of his life and stop acting like a lab rat following a set program. In this detailed guidebook to buying, owning, and managing rental properties, he gives readers a plan that you wont find in other books. Instead of promoting foolish risks, he helps you leverage your position as an employee to achieve financial freedom. Learn how to: evaluate the current state of your finances; overcome limiting beliefs about money and investing; set personal objectives to achieve financial freedom; and think and operate like a seasoned real estate investor. Chammas shares real-life examples that will help you build a personalized investment blueprint to build your rental property portfolio and become wealthy. From identifying and closing deals, getting approved for loans, renting out properties, dealing with tenants, and capitalizing on opportunities, this book will challenge how youve always looked at life, finances, investments, and real estate.


H.J. Chammas is a self-made "Employee Millionaire" who has achieved financial freedom by investing in rental properties throughout Asia, Dubai and Europe. With over 10 years of real estate industry and investing experience, as well as property management, he brings forward a blueprint for real estate investing in a simple and clear manner.

He is the founder and CEO of the Employee Millionaire, a company that empowers employees to achieve financial freedom and become millionaires with real estate investing.

To emulate Chammas' success in single family real estate investment, sign up for his program on to learn the sound investing principles and avail of free templates and worksheets that makes rental properties investing almost on autopilot.