Musing Mondays

This is my first time participating in Musing Mondays...although it isn't because I haven't wanted to. This is one of my favorite things to do - read and answer questions about books!

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the treatment of books! Here was the questions posed:

HOW ABOUT YOU? Do you treat books carefully, or do you just treat them as any other object? Do you have certain things you refuse to do with books (write in them, etc)? If so, what are they?

I certainly don't treat books like any other object. I NEVER write in books, although I know a lot of people do this, or highlight certain passages. I do admit I don't treat paperbacks as good as I treat hardcovers, but I still don't abuse them. The worst thing I probably do is fold a page every once in awhile. I have to admit that I have dropped at least one book into the bathtub with me - as weird as it sounds I kind of like the way they look after and am fascinated that the print NEVER runs.

So, to answer the question, I treat my books usually with the utmost care - even if they are strewn all around the house.

My favorite author is Stephen King, and I will never forget what he said when it comes to the condition of a book. There is nothing better for him than to walk into someones house and see one of his books beaten - pages folded, spine broke, maybe even some tears or writing in it. This is the greatest compliment to an author (in his opinion) because it means that the book was well read and loved. I always think this is such an interesting take, and wanted to share it.

Happy Monday!
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MizB said...

Thanks for playing along!

And, very VERY interesting quote from King! I can see his point about the "well-loved" look, but I still can't bear to do that to a book... I still have to leave it in the best condition possible when done reading. There's something about a bookshelf full of "pristine"-looking books. ;P

Robin said...

Hi Tracee. This is my first time too. I've learned to take good care of my books and enjoy reading them over and over. That is an interesting take by Stephen King.

Love your blog.

Robin of mytwoblessings