Divorcing Dwayne by J.L. Miles

Join J.L. Miles, author of the chick lit novel, Divorcing Dwayne (Cumberland House Publishing, Apr. '08), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in December on her second virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

About the author:

J.L. Miles (Jackie Lee), a resident of Georgia for over thirty years, hails from Wisconsin via South Dakota. She considers herself “a northern girl with a southern heart”. Her paternal grandfather was christened Grant Lee by her great-grandmother in honor of the many fallen soldiers on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Ms. Miles is a former D.I.A.L. Systems Engineer for Baker/Audio Telecom, one of the premier forerunners of voice mail. In addition to systems application, she provided voice tracks for several major companies, including Delta Airlines and Frito-Lay Corporation. A former Miss Racine, Wisconsin, Ms. Miles, made television, print and fashion appearances, and participated in various stage productions, including “Joan of Lorraine”, “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs” and “The Miracle Worker”.

She resides in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband Robert. Her debut novel, the critically acclaimed Roseflower Creek, was Cumberland House Publishing’s lead book when it debuted in hardcover. It is also available in Trade paperback. Earl Hamner, creator of The Waltons called it, “A powerful, extraordinary novel.”N.Y. Times best-selling author William Diehl wrote: “The lyric prose will thrill you, the story is unforgettable, and the characters will stay with you forever.”

Cold Rock River, the journey of two young women born a century apart, debuted September 2006 in hardcover. N.Y. TIMES best-selling author DOROTHEA BENTON FRANK writes: “Cold Rock River by J. L. Miles is a powerful story of family, love and loss that will keep you up into the wee hours. Absolutely wonderful! Beautifully told and straight from the heart of an exquisitely talented writer.”

Miles latest project is the Dwayne Series, a three-book southern anthology featuring Francine Harper, who is under felony assault charges for shooting at her husband Dwayne and his stripper/lover Carla from the Peel ‘n Squeal. Francine finds her strengths and reclaims her dignity via a trial and many errors. Divorcing Dwayne debuted April, 2008. Dear Dwayne releases April 2009. Dating Dwayne to follow.

When not writing, Miles tours with The Dixie Darlin’s, four nationally published book-writing belles—with a passion for promotion—serving up helpings of down-home humor and warmth.

Visit the website at http://www.jlmiles.com/.

About the book:

Francine Harper’s in the Pickville Springs County Jail facing felony assault charges. Her offense? She shot at her husband, Dwayne, and his lover, Carla, after catching them together— in the very bed her daddy had carved and given to Francine and Dwayne on their wedding day. Even though she hit the bed and missed the lovers, she soon learns she’s committed a felony, and the deputy district attorney—who’s never been fond of her since she jilted his brother—is determined to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. On the other hand, Dwayne is a local celebrity, a talented fiddle player with his own bluegrass band, the Rocky Bottom River Boys. Things are looking up for the band, and they have been selected to record the soundtrack for director Frederick Ford Gumbello’s latest film, Oh Mother, Oh Father, Where Art Thou? When Gumbello comes to town to meet the boys, he becomes enamored with the locale and stays to film the movie since Pickville Springs is the perfect setting for the film.

When Francine makes bail, aided by her best friend, Ray Anne Pickles, she discovers that the checking account she shares with Dwayne contains thirty thousand dollars she can’t account for, and she starts worrying about him. Strange things have been going on, and she still loves him. But she fears that he may have gotten involved with the local mob. Soon Francine finds herself in the arms of rising movie star Clay Carson, which is the last straw for Dwayne, who assaults Clay and disappears. When Dwayne can’t be found anywhere, Francine is suspected of foul play and is arrested for his suspected murder. But Francine is determined to find Dwayne, save him from the mob, and solve the mystery—with Ray Anne’s help, of course. In the interim, she discovers inner strengths and regains her dignity. Now the situation with Dwayne—that’s another story.

I jumped at the chance to be able to review this book. I read "Cold Rock River" a few months ago, and not only did I love the story, but J.L. has a writing style that I thoroughly enjoy. Although this book was totally different, my feelings on the author haven't changed. I loved this one as well!

Francine Harper hasn't ever thought too much of herself, and she knows that she has a more than an ample bottom half. But when she goes to the local pig-pull and sees Dwayne up on stage with the Rocky Bottom River Boys, she believes she has found the perfect man. It doesn't hurt when he compares her looks to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Six months later he asks for her hand in marriage and she jumps at the chance...if only she would have listened to her mother, who tried to warn her.

Not long into the marriage, Francine walks in on Dwayne and his Pamela Anderson wanna-be ex-girlfriend in bed together, with the headboard that was handmade for them by her daddy as a wedding present. Well, that was the last straw and she shoots at them...missing both of them. But, off to jail she goes and awaits trial on numerous charges.

Dwayne on the other hand hits the jackpot when his band lands the soundtrack for director Frederick Ford Gumbello's new film, "Oh, Mother, Oh, Father, Where Art Thou?". After Francine is released on bail, she notices an extra thirty thousand dollars in their joint bank account that she can't account for. And with the mob in town, she has a feeling he may have gotten himself involved with the likes of Joe Bob Banana.

There are so many twists and turns in this novel, but it is always upbeat and is easy to read. I especially loved Nanny Lou, who believes that her husband didn't die after choking on a piece of chicken-fried steak, but is truly alive and cheating on her with her best friend. She is a real riot!

I look forward to reading the two additional books in this series. Great book!


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