Dead Ringer by Mary Burton

  • Paperback: 384 pages

  • Publisher: Zebra October 28, 2008

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1420100270

  • ISBN-13: 978-1420100273

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  • Book Synopsis:

    Beside each body, he leaves a simple charm bearing a woman's name. Ruth. Martha. Judith. The victims were strangers to each other, but they have been chosen with the utmost care. Each bears a striking resemblance to Kendall Shaw, a local anchorwoman...each brutally strangled by a madman whose obsession will never end...

    In front of the cameras, Kendall is the picture of stylish confidence. But at night she's haunted by nightmares in which she is young, alone, and filled with fear. Are these memories-or omens? Despite warnings from Richmond Detective Jacob Warwick, Kendall can't stop investigating the recent string of murders. She knows she holds the key to catching an obsessed psychopath-if he doesn't get to her first...

    The deeper Kendall and Jacob dig into the victims' backgrounds, the more terrifying the discoveries. For from the shadows of the past, a legacy of evil has resurfaced. Every murder, every moment has been leading to Kendall. And this time, nothing will stop the killer making her his final victim...

    Jacob Warwick and Kendall Shaw have a past - a past both of them are trying desparetly to put behind them. Connected through a serial killer dubbed The Guardian, both of them are emotionally scarred and not willing to open up to anyone. When Jacob gets called to the scene of a murder, the resemblance of the victim to Kendall is obvious. He doesn't put too much thought into it, he has a lot on his plate and thoughts of Kendall are something he has tried to bury for awhile now, no matter how hard it is. It just so happens that Kendall is ready for some action and is sick of being an anchorwoman sitting behind a desk dishing out the news. She is popular with the public, and her boss decides to take a chance and send her out to try and get a lead on the murder. Sparks fly between Jacob and Kendall, but due to the situation and their respective jobs emotions are mixed and they do their best to avoid each other.

    Another murder is reported, and at this point it is painfully obvious that both of these victims look like Kendall...and that she is in danger. Jacob does his best to keep her safe, but is his best going to be good enough? With many plot twists, and an ending that would make Hitchkock proud, Ms. Burton has a way of making even the most minor character come to life. I will make sure to read her first book as well - I'M WATCHING YOU. This is one author that is now on the top of my list for must reads. Wonderful!

    About the Author:

    MARY BURTON’s southern family has always enjoyed tall tales and a good yarns. Early on, MB realized that Story had tremendous power to inspire strong responses such fear, laughter, love and even sorrow. It didn’t matter if the tale was found in the pages of a book, spoken in hushed tones around a Girl Scout campfire, or spouted at an old fashioned southern family reunion. This appreciation of story motivated MB to earn an English degree from Virginia’s Hollins University.

    After decade of working in marketing and sales, MB became convinced she could write and sell one of the many stories buzzing around her brain. Fingers crossed, MB left the marketing profession and devoted all her spare time to writing a novel. Soon after, she sold her first manuscript to Harlequin Historicals. Since that initial sale, MB had written twelve historical romances for Harlequin Historicals, four short romantic suspenses for Silhouette Romantic Suspense and a non-fiction book The Insider’s Guide to Direct Marketing. Her first single title romantic suspense for Zebra I’m Watching You is a December 2007 release.

    In 2005, The Unexpected Wife was a finalist Romance Writers of America’s RITA contest and Wise Moves was 2006 nominee for the Romantic Times’ Critics Choice Award. I’m Watching You received critical acclaim from New York Times Best Selling author Carla Neggers who said, “Taut, compelling and emotional, I’m Watching You is romantic suspense at its most riveting. Mary Burton delivers a page-turner.”

    MB resides in Virginia where she enjoys yoga, cooking, hiking and the occasional triathlon.

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    Morgan Mandel said...

    Sounds like this book will be a great read...both scary and romantic.

    Morgan Mandel