We Interrupt This Broadcast

About the Book:

Where Were You When…?

Few phrases garner as much attention as “We Interrupt This Broadcast…” Wherever we may happen to be, our lives stop for a moment, and we experience those few seconds of anxiety between the interruption and the actual announcement of what has happened.

In words and images-and on two audio CDs-We Interrupt This Broadcast brings to life the famous and infamous moments that were announced to us with those four chilling words. From the dawn of electronic media to today, from the catastrophe of the Hindenburg to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, these are the forty-three events that stopped us in our tracks and changed our world.

We Interrupt This Broadcast recounts the details of the events and spotlights the photographs that tell the stories. Accompanying the book are two digitally mastered compact discs containing over two hours of audio from the events, narrated by award-winning journalist Bill Kurtis.

These heart-stopping moments include both the famous words you remember and rare audio footage that will take you back into the magnitude of the event. Share with your friends, family, children and grandchildren your memories of where you were when the world stopped and held its breath in anticipation.


I wasn't really sure what to expect when I received this book, but was anxious to read it and listen to the audio that accompanied it. I don't follow the news often but this book made me feel as if I was right there - it's so much different when you have the audio to go along with the story. You truly get a sense of the event that just reading about it does not do.

I wasn't alive during many of these events, and was too young to remember some of them. I was never a fan of history in high school or college, but using a tool such as this may have made all the difference. I enjoyed speaking to family members after reading about some of these events, to gauge their reactions. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning a little more about a lot of the most historic events to date.

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