Coming Soon: Bible Illuminated

Bible Illuminated: The Book: New Testament, is scheduled for release on October 28.

I was really intrigued to get a chance to review this book before it's official release. I haven't looked at the bible in many years and to be perfectly honest I find it quite boring. This book is described (in the promotional material) as not just a Bible but "art". I think this is a great idea, try to show The Bible in a new light to appeal to a larger audience.
I am no expert when it comes to the Bible so I will be giving a totally unbiased view of this book. I won't compare it the the "original" Bible, but will make sure to express my thoughts about this book, and how I feel it can help people. I am excited to receive my copy and get started, the photos I have seen are marvelous!
Thanks so much to Lisa Roe for this opportunity!