Easy Entertaining for Beginners by Patricia Mendez

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Maple Heights Press (August 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979956404
ISBN-13: 978-0979956409

About the book:

Readers don’t have to be gourmet chefs or nervous wrecks to host casual at-home entertaining. Beginners will have all of their questions answered, from what to serve to what to do. Included are 13 delicious complete menus with easy-to-follow recipes, full color photographs, ideas for music, activities and drinks. Checklists ease readers step-by-step through every phase of planning, preparation, and presentation. Readers will gain confidence and have a terrific time putting together successful celebrations.

There are not too many things in this world that I enjoy doing more than reading. But, cooking just might be one of them. There is something so satisfying about creating a menu, buying the ingredients, doing the prep work, cooking the meal and then serving it to the people you have made it for. Patricia Mendez has created a fantastic book for the beginner cook, to someone more "seasoned" (no pun intended). With her fantastic menus, easy preparation instructions, detailed instructions on what to do and when, she makes it almost impossible to fail!

I know that I am more than anxious to have the opportunity to try out one of the menus she has created in her book. I may end up with A LOT of leftovers due to the fact that we have recently moved and don't really know anyone, but that won't stop me. Why do you need a large group of people to decorate your house - I know my family is certainly worth entertaining.

This book would make a great gift for someone, or for yourself. One of my favorites of the year!

About the author:

Join Patricia Mendez, author of the entertainment and cooking book, Easy Entertaining for Beginners (Maple Heights Press, Aug. '08), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in October on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!Patricia Mendez has catered and coordinated special events in the Los Angeles area since the early 1990’s. Her experience also includes coordinating a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) community group for three years and working with women of all ages as a Director of Women’s Ministries for eight years. She met many “new nesters” who had the desire to entertain family and friends, but lacked know-how and experience. It was for this audience that she wrote her first book, EASY ENTERTAINING FOR BEGINNERS.

She has taught many cooking classes and currently teaches “Easy Entertaining for Beginners” cooking classes for novice hosts/hostesses in Torrance, CA. She speaks/teaches at women’s groups and has written articles/menus for website newsletters. She was recently a guest chef at Torrance Citicable Channel Community Cooking Show, airing in October 2008.

When Patricia is not writing or teaching, she is a home chef who loves to throw fun parties!

You can visit her website at www.ezentertaining.net or her blog at www.ezentertaining.blogspot.com.

If you would like to see your blog here and have it specially promoted during Patricia's virtual book tour in October, email us! Deadline is Sept. 30.EASY ENTERTAINING FOR BEGINNERS VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR '08 will officially begin on October 1 and end on October 30. You can visit Patricia's blog stops at www.virtualbooktoursforauthors.wordpress.com in October to find out more about her latest book!As a special promotion for all our authors, Pump Up Your Book Promotion is giving away a FREE virtual book tour to a published author or a $50 Amazon gift certificate to those not published who comments on our authors' blog stops. More prizes will be announced as they become available. The winner(s) will be announced on our main blog at www.pumpupyourbookpromotion.wordpress.com on October 30!

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Cheryl said...

I agree. This is an excellent book. Can't wait until I have an excuse to entertain.


Patricia said...

Thanks so much for you review. I am so encouraged by those who find the book helpful and the recipes and menus delicious and doable. Best Regards!